People Worldwide Crowdfunding Platform

A platform that everyone is welcome to. There is no place for hatred in this place. We are here to help each other no matter what part of the world you come from. We hope you will find what you are looking for to help someone or yourself. Welcome to the Worldwide Crowdfunding platform


This project is a kind of help to all the people of the world. 
Together with you good people and investors we will try to

help people realize their dreams and ideas. 

Our platform is new but we know our business very well. 
We will prove that on this trip.

We are taking small steps because we have a long way to go.

As long as you love what you do and feel that what you do is important to others, you are well on your way!
All you need to do is be with us.


Fundraising for people who need help

People who need accommodation food clothing health donations for them

People who need a donation for a project that they will earn and in which others will invest  Which of course creates jobs or something healthy and smart 

Investing in education and more.

Ideas that will push investors and people who believe in you.

Choose your own options

Choose the best for everyone


The most important part is the fundraising actions for our children! Read below to find out how the platform will work.

The power of fundraising for anything is in the Team!
Don t forget that.

If you don't have a team. We are here for you 

How Team Fundraising works.
It works on the principle "The more of us, the more we will help"
That s for sure. With the help of our platform and each project that will be added to the site separately. Each team will be able to share the project with the help of our tools will help them in everything. Faster and more efficient work

How to do a good job with Tim.
Make a plan..Divide the work and,appoint team leaders who, with our help, will do a quick update. Although most tools will be automated, there is always a new idea! Will help you achieve goal

We are not a leaders
We are the best with the most innovation
Safety is at the first level
And most importantly you get the money very quickly and safely where you want
Depending on your idea and our proposal to collect most donations will be Instant.
We are working on a mobile application to expand the network, but it is not our priority at the moment. That is why we are number one in social networks and we have advisors with 5 to 20 years of experience in online marketing ideas, solutions and novelties for some who do not know how to achieve the Goal.

1  You start a team, invite friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends and,                if necessary, fans, make a healthy competition to get the result as soon as possible.

Assign tasks to team members or do it yourself.
  If you are unable, our team will help you.


The Leader team must follow everything that happens and motivate people to take      action. The funds will not be raised on their own.
  The smarter the job, the better it will be realized and the sooner funds will be raised


Do what everyone does to succeed in the the campaign
  And take advantage of as many innovations as possible!
  Things and ideas that others did not remember.

Fundraisers by category


Not all options work, we are working on it! More is coming


Images are downloaded from various sites and if they retain copyright. Feel free to contact us . 

We must not forget! Never!  

Life is not fair, It never was and never will be.
See every day how people fight for food!
Yes for food and others when they have food then for the roof on their heads.
If they get both, they fight for a car, then a better car, then a cottage, then rest! Can everyone do that and is it fair?
Be happy if you have something to eat and have a roof over your head.
Our little help one will make someone happy there!

Donations aimed at helping you must indicate to avoid confusion! It will be explained on each link that you can state for what kind of help you have deposited money, there will also be an e-mail where it is easiest to write it. Within the site, your name will be published only if you want it! Thank you
We try to look for sponsors and work on bringing the site to life all over the world as soon as possible!

It is very important that you understand that your weakness is not at stake here! We are all weak on this. Only this is the harsh truth and the life we live in and see no one but ourselves! So now is the time to help in any way. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome even though we have a plan!

Help is never enough! Never give up!

Who We Are   

What We Do 

Nonprofit Organization

Whole World

If you want to donate and don t have PayPal. Many more options are open because it is very important to us that the site survives. This is a non-profit organization and each donation will be directed to help and work to help people in their desire for health innovation and more. It s hard to run and pay for a website like a nonprofit that doesn t have a sponsor. That is why we do everything ourselves because we have no choice. This is the only reason why this option will be open until we collect enough donations or find investors or associates willing to help.

Thank you

In addition to Visa Master cards and PayPal, we will add new ways to Cryptocurrencies Perfect Money Payeer and more. Each way will be explained how it works. Mostly people who do the same know how it works.By clicking on this place you can donate in other ways if you do not have PayPal   DONATE 

Thank you for trusting us!

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Whoever wants to help finds a way.
Who doesn't want to find an excuse.