Every help is welcome . We’ve put in more ways to contribute to the site besides money and sharing on social media is very effective. We ask all good people to help us in this.Some will find some of the payment methods unknown and some will recognize it. Here are contributions and donations just for the site not for other things. Our team needs to survive and we hope in your good will that you can help.

We searched online for secure visa payment and master card solutions and the prices are awful. Monthly payment from 20usd  to 50 usd  for secure payment gates! So we'll use what we can to get started. Leave an email from paypal and other options simply typed in until we come up with some cheaper plan to maintain and operate. Although it exists, it is available only for certain countries, which is a very manipulative and separate and selective separation of people, which we, although we have from many countries and do not support such things that divide people. 

Thank you PWCP UNIQUE AE Team

Ways to donate

PayPal donations simply to send and enter one of our PayPal email 
and donate as much as you want.
If you still want to pay via paypal the email is pwcphelp@gmail.com
Just click the Donate button
We are waiting for the approval of the business account

Email ..

Thank you

Visa and Master payments do not work yet
until we integrate them together with the others
We are working on approval.
Thank you for understanding.


BTC or Bitcoin is a well-known payment method.
You copy the link and that's it. The link is below


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ETHEREUM or ETH crypto payments.
The address is in the description


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The LTC Crypto address is below.
Who wants to donate to help the site.


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Payeer easy payment at the number below.​



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Perfect Money easy payment at the number below.
USD    U25018035
EUR    E26384301 
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Wise transfer is not yet operational. Thank you
Advanced Cash is not yet operational. Thank you

Ripple or XRP is also the address in the description.

TAG   1892210047


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