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This is a place where you can send a request.

Health urgent projects family education travel business projects desires and more.

In order for your appeal to be approved, you must email it.
Video Paperwork Proof or Pictures Text and story.

After the examination, you will receive information approved or not.
All information is sent by email in the description.

Every request is checked and acts according to the law.

Before sending, please read again what is needed and if possible evidence for everything you need. Otherwise, some kind of help may be denied due to bad story or video papers. Please pay attention to what is needed!
The same goes for every other project wanting innovation education and anything else.



IMPORTANT! We emphasize in advance that quackery fraud and false diseases will not help in the treatment so we will check all the documents you send. This is not a site for exploiting people and it will remain so!


If they are disapproved you will get a response and explanation also and 

how to pass the qualification. 

The most important thing is that all data must be true!
We wish you good luck.

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