Hope and True

I believe there are fewer and fewer good people but there are still among us. They are just infected with the modern world and bad habits. I believe a lot of people would do well when they can’t and when they can there is no time! This is a very interesting topic that we can discuss for days because most people are missing something or a car is better, a bigger apartment or they want to go on vacation, but they are dissatisfied because they would go to a better place they can afford, so they are dissatisfied with many things that make us forget all around. What is strange is that only healthy people want it. My colleague went through that period of her life and persuaded me to start something to help people because she was in a state where she only wanted health! very important for words. Everyone wants something special, she only wanted health for 3 years and thank God she got as much as she could, all thanks to donations and the help of good people who helped little by little and she managed to heal. We may mention her name someday but she is one of the main heroes who want this site to work and help people. All that needs to be set aside is one sandwich or more who can for the benefit of the site to begin with and then we will go to bigger things to collect donations to help the sick and help those who really need help. So please don’t turn your head and talk like everyone is just asking if that’s the case just look at yourself in this story whether you are that person or not.
If it is, you will realize that very little can help very much. And the One upstairs will give it back to us. I’m sure of it because I’ve seen a lot in life. If you have a story that you want to tell us, let us know or simply donate to the site to begin with and then we will go to bigger things. What I mean is that the site is not completely finished yet because it requires time and money, but I say that through this site you will be able to connect or help people who are not even aware that it will happen to them! Except for the help we listed on the site.
We are beginners in working on sites and layouts but we try to make it look as simple as possible. The most important thing is to follow the rules of law and evidence! This is what will keep us alive and it is called truth and hope. 
Thank you

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